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Cradley and Storridge Neighbourhood Development  Plan
NDP What is it? The Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of plan introduced in the Localism Act. It will be the result of our community working together to decide how our local area should develop and grow in the future. The Cradley and Storridge Neighbourhood Plan is being led by a small team of Parish Counsellors. The Parish Counsellors will only guide the development of the Plan, however, as it will be developed by the members of the Cradley and Storridge community. You know your community best and can help in identifying policies to shape its long term future.   Why do we need it? The Neighbourhood Plan will be seen as a core document in determining future plans including development and infrastructure. It is important to understand the Neighbourhood Plan, while giving local people real power in local decisions, does have to conform to National and Regional policy. The plan will be inspected by a government inspector and then voted on by residents in a referendum. If accepted by a vote it will then carry real weight to determine future decisions. A neighbourhood plan can influence the type, design, location and mix of new development, however it cannot block new development required to meet the district’s existing and future needs. Key questions to consider are: How much housing do we need and where is the best place for development? What Infrastructure do we need? How do we maintain the character and landscape which makes Cradley and Storridge distinctive?   What next? An essential part for a Neighbourhood Plan is that everyone is given the opportunity to be involved and have their say. A questionnaire will be sent to every home to enable every person in the community to provide feedback, we will also hold meetings and use this website to keep eveyrone up-to-date with the progress being made.
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