CRADLEY PARISH COUNCIL Cradley and Storridge Neighbourhood Development  Plan
Diary of the Plan
2013  Cradley Parish Council set up plan team and hold first meeting
May 2013
Confirmation that parish boundary application registered and approved
July 2013
Prepare consultation questionnaire and distribute to Parish Undertake Planning for Real in Cradley
June 2014
August 2013
March - April 2014
Early engagement with Parish residents at meeting re. Post Office
November 2014
Commission Landscape Capacity Assessment Prepare consultation questionnaire for options and distribute to Parish
3rd - 4th June 2015
Draft plan bringing together the results from the consultation and reference to existing Parish Plan documents (employ specialist to draft)
Aug-Sept 2015
Preparation of Draft NDP for consultation(6 weeks)
January2016-February 2016
September - November 2015
Draft Neighbourhood Plan pre  submission consultation with parish and HCC
December2015 - January 2016
March 2015
Plan amended and finalisation Undertake Planning for Real in Storridge
July 2014
Publish Landscape Capacity  Assessment Public meeting to present  Landscape Capacity Assessment and present options
July - Oct 2015
March 2016
Community consultation
April-May 2016
community consultation responded to
Submission to Hereford
Referendum date set 13th July 2017
September October2016
Referendum result YES:  NDP becomes policy and adds to protection  for the community Referendum result NO:  NDP has to be done again which can be up  to two years before policies protecting the  community can be put in place
9th March-27th April
January 2017
Submission to Government Inspector
Aproval by Inspector
January - April 2017