CRADLEY PARISH COUNCIL Cradley and Storridge Neighbourhood Development  Plan
Results of the Questionnaire and Boundary Consultation
2013  Cradley Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire results. Thank you to all those who responded! 1,324 questionnaires were sent out and there were 301 responses. This represents a 23% ‘turnout’ which, for this sort of exercise, is a good level of engagement – so the results can be taken as a sound evidence base to inform NDP policies. What do the answers and comments tell us? 1.The village would benefit from a shop serving East Cradley – located near the school –but we also need to support what we already have. 2.We support provision of additional sports facilities – with parking but no floodlights! 3.The Strategic Green Gap should be kept free from development.  Comments showed strong feelings both for and against the Heart of the Village proposals but the overall response clearly indicates that the SGG should be retained and undeveloped. 4.There should be a limit on size of future housing developments certainly no more than 10 houses on any one site. 5.Infrastructure – roads, drainage and flooding, school, surgery – needs to be addressed to ensure the village is able to absorb additional housing and increase in population. Next steps. Results of the questionnaire will be reflected in policies in the draft NDP, which will be presented to the Parish Council and then – following any amendment – be submitted to Hereford Council for comments. Following this, there will be the opportunity for further consultation in the Parish before a final version is offered to the Parish for a ‘yes / no’ referendum, probably in Spring 2016. If approved, it will then become a key element of future planning decisions for Cradley and Storridge.
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The results of the Questionnaire were compiled from the paper and electronic sheets submitted by two Parish Councillors (not members of the NDP Group) and one independent witness at one session. The sealed receipt boxes were opened in the presence of the compilers. The Comments were complied from the questionnaires and analysed by Anne Scarsbrook
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